#HAWMC 5 — superhero: Mz M0n3y

As Mz M0n3y I would have the ability to turn empty prescription bottles into cash. With this ability, and the number of empty pill bottles folks with chronic illness have, I would quickly have the funds to start a very special foundation.

The foundation would give money to folks with chronic illnesses for the simple things, to add comfort and stability to their lives. Pay the utility bill. Purchase medication. Provide a service dog. Pave the way to see specialists. Produce scooters for mobility. Promise equal access to education for children with special needs. Procure adequate housing and access to services such as drivers, nurses, maids, renovators, disability lawyers, child care providers.

In other words, help with the day to day things that people with chronic illness face. So that they don’t have to worry about choosing between medication and food; knowing there is a clinical trial in a city they can’t afford to participate in; enable telecommuting when the chronic illness makes traditional work place and time structures difficult.

And, for folks who don’t like to feel they are receiving charity, they can consider the money a loan, payable at a monthly rate they can afford without interest. Or, they could do a version of “sweat equity” and help someone else who is dealing with chronic illness.

So, that’s my superpower – and I wouldn’t think of myself as a superhero. The folks that daily battle chronic illnesses with strength of spirit, heart, soul and faith. The advocates, the encouragers, the empowers, the huggers, the supports, the cheer leaders, the dreamers, the creative, the passionate. They are the real superheroes.