here & there

Copyright - Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Image Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Leezanna knew a world was still outside her window. It would be silly to think otherwise.

She looked around, trying to ensure she woke up “here,” not “there.”

She listened for the shouting, the thunder-bombs like deadly raindrops, the screams.

Overnight snow had muffled street sounds to a murmur, to a gentle heart beat.

The scars on her arms were covered by a pink flowered night-dress. Her pillow, yes a pillow, smelt sweet.

Tap on the door. New mother, with hot “fairy” tea and tales of parkas, mittens, toques.

Leezanna was here. There still existed only if she let it. {100}

Summer Showcase of Friday Fictioneers: July 1st edition. Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!

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broken rose

image: American Meadows Store 

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Friday Music Prompt: Fields of June. Song and video with Emily Barker [songwriter], Frank Turner, and Red Clay Halo

Rose plunged her fingers into the soft, black earth, scooping up a handful. She brought her hand close to her face. She could smell life and death in the soil.

“We plant seeds so they grow, and bodies so they don’t” she thought, crumbling the earth between her fingers.

With sunlight, rain, and her tender love, the tiny mound would be covered with wild flowers. For now, she placed a broken rose from the arrangement he’d sent.