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Today on Brain Pickings, the secret life of trees – the astonishing science of what trees feel and how they communicate:

You are invited to join tale weavering phylor at her new café local, My Frilly Freudian SlipA lovely café with long tables to sit around and share tales.

Plans are to leave this blog up just incase someone stumbles across it on a quest for a tale, or directions.

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tomorrow’s hope (by Michael Grogan)


Thanks to Michael of Morpethroad for this uplifting poem. (2015/07/08)

Tomorrow’s Hope.

Tomorrow’s hope seems so far away

In the face of adversity, we shy away.

Do you succumb to pressures?

Do we stop living, accept our lot?

We live a short space of time

We can engage in the every day

Take it, as that’s how it is.

We can say fate intervenes

And casts a shadow so deep

There seems no light at the end.

We can imagine there is no tomorrow

That today is as good as it gets.

That pleasures are for others

The fortunate ones who take

Who never have to suffer, who don’t care.

But what if your tomorrow is all about hope

Of believing your life is change

That misery in keeping strange bedfellows

Also offers blinding hope.

That if we take it, the future is unclear

But if we don’t the present is the future

With all the pathetic angst we will rail against.

Tomorrow is hope, always hope

Never to be defeated by mediocrity

We look forward, see what we need

Step in that direction, take firmly

The hand that is extended.

I needed a dosage of positive and hope. Sometimes the dark spaces, the black holes, swallow me and the stars and hope whole. In the blackness, ladders can be hard to find.