who da thunk?

When I peaked at my blog, over a cup of strong coffee laced with sweet cream, I found the following in my “notifications” sliding-side bar. The big day was yesterday.

6 Year Anniversary Achievement

You registered on WordPress.com 6 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us.

Keep up the good blogging!

I knew I’d been at it since 2009, the year I broke my wrist, got a laptop, and discovered the internet and blogging.

Me and the blog have been through a lot. Changes. Rearrangements. Reconfigurations. Or, at least, attempts at.

Is six years full circle?

I written a fictional autobiography here. I have a home here. I have a haven here.

Hunter’s moon; sanguine moon

last night

full bright



Six such moons

have hung

hence this

theses begun

from fevered mind

has sprung

a moment’s work

a life-time done.

Thanks for flying with me.

May we have an eagle’s-flight of tales and times to come.


Destiny, John William Waterhouse, Wikiart.org


what’s next?

Still on a high from completing the month long challenge. And thinking about where my blog goes next.

The #HAWMC had me blogging about physical and emotional pain. While these influence my writing, I’ve been doing more literary than health-based writing. It feels like two blogs now – a health issue and a writer/writing. So, do I change it up, have my readers view 2 blogs, deciding which most fits their interests or reading frame of mind.

One decision I did come to was to write more flash fiction. My stories and posts can be very long, and it’s time I did what I told my students to do: be concise, clear, and communicative. While many flash fictions limit the words in the 100 to 200 range.

As this will be an experiment across several blogs and prompts, I will give myself a 300 word limit. I will try very hard to keep to this limit. I hope to still tell at story, just with less words and faster – writing and reading!

There are a couple of posts pretty much ready to publish that are longer than 300 words so I’ll let that those go by.

I’m also thinking of changing up how the blog looks – a different theme, etc. Guess it’s time (again) to look at all aspects of my blog and blogging.

If you want to let me know how you feel about splitting the blog in 2, suggestions for blog names, themes, and any other ideas you want to pass along, please start a conversation. Let’s have a dialogue.

Thanks. (word count: 266!)