google calendar and the theory of randomness

“You have no events scheduled for today”; how does my google calendar decide when to send that message?
It is one of things that makes me think there must be a theory of randomness (opposite of string theory but related to butterfly wing chaos theory?) As I don’t use my google calendar to mark daily events, you would think I would get a daily “no event” email. But, with randomness theory, the every-other/not-every-otherness of it might make sense.
It’s a week since mom died, almost 9 weeks since she fell. Ten weeks ago, if asked when I thought I’d become an orphan, I would have said “not in the near future.” No google calendar notices popped into my inbox saying “Mother falls today,” “Mother in agonizing pain,” “Mother dying,” “Mother dead.” The line from A to B was so straight; no variations on a theme.
Yet, it still seems so random; if she hadn’t had trouble standing up, she wouldn’t have sat back so hard, and so we go. But if not then, then when?
Now blogging feels random; scattershot entries with no fixed link. Yet another reinvention of self as orphan (how Dickensian that sounds), as motherless child, as keeper of the family line.
Now, I can think about work again (if anyone will think of hiring me is another story), think about not thinking about my mother as a worry, an anxiety, a problem. Think about blogging about . . . what is my next reinvention?