Purr: a requiem 40 years on (and nablopomo 11.15.12)


cheating on nablopo 11.14.12 prompt “tell us about your favo(u)rite pet” by reblogging this post from 4.13.12

Originally posted on Phylor's Blog:

{a reblog for 11.15.12 favo(u)rite pet}

small bundle of fur
from farmhouse woodpile
carefully laid in my outstretched hands
sensations of warmth; heart-beating only sound
slowly unfurling with not-quite meows
to reveal bright eyes in grey-striped face.
“Purr,” I whispered in my small child voice
face close to his tiny ear;
then a soft, gentle whirring sound
like a dragonfly over spring-time pond
made his body hum and vibrate
“Purr,” I said more firmly to my parents.
fiercely independent, eccentric, loner; we mirrored exteriors
seeking adventure like knights on a quest
he hunted for mice and I for dragons
asleep he twitched, continuing his quest in dreams
while I stayed up late, with flashlight under blanket and read of fairies and magical places
he climbed into my lap, pushing book aside
kneading the fabric of my pajamas,
the room filled with
his dragon-fly hum; his fingerprint purr as
we shared…

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