call for entries: PFAM blog carnival

In January, I mused

[W]hat if Apple took the mood ring a few steps further and created an ipod that sensed your mood, and then selected the appropriate songs. In other words, if Apple morphed its ipod nano with a mood ring: an mp3 player that intuitively knew what songs to play by how you are feeling! Today, I needed a soothing, soaring string-based piece to calm me down. But I also needed something a little more edgy that matched my mood and impressions of the afternoon. My little steel blue nano came through [when I put it on general shuffle]; wonder what it has in mind for tomorrow’s song selections?

Having spent so much time in Canada over the last year and half, and with the assistance of a friend with an incredible music collection, I have compiled a new-to-me list of musicians, songwriters, performers. Having several meltdowns during this period, I havebecome even more keenly aware of the role that music plays in my mood, my energy levels, my chronicness. Like the stimulus of smell, music acts as a cue to my past. Lyrics bring tears of joy as well as tears of loss. The rhythm and the beat infectious; I can be distracted from my chronic pain. Use the lyrics and music to embrace the pain and my chronicness.

So, your assignment, should you choose to accept it (which I hope you will) is to think about a personal playlist (while Apple works on the imoodpod): what songs inspire, elevate mood, give a shot of energy? And, why these songs – what about those lyrics, that singer/songwriter, band – speaks to you? By sharing – your songs of inspiration, mood improvement (or reflection), anthem(s) to your chronic illness(es), get-you-moving-beats – with other folks dealing with chronic illness(es) and chronic pain, you can open up new worlds of lyrics, musicians, musical styles.

Your playlist can be a list of the music and why you choose it. For those who are tech savvy, please feel free to embed videos, an “active” playlist, or the songs into your post. Work to your strengths. I’m still struggling with embedding you tube videos into my blog; links to websites are more my speed!DSCN1362 And, if there are special lyrics you wish to share, by all means please include them!

When you’ve posted your playlist (you can determine the number of songs that are the “right” amount for you) and the reasons for your choices, please email with the following information:

your name (as you would like it to appear)

your blog’s title

your post’s title

your post’s url

and a one or two sentence synopsis of your playlist/rationales.

Your entries are due by midnight eastern time (sorry, not good on time zone translation — my apologies!) on September 4, 2011 with the PFAM blog carnival going “live” on Wednesday, September 7th. I’m looking forward to our musical PFAM blog carnival and expanding my personal playlist.

And, please visit the current PFAM blog carnival so graciously and well-hosted by Rachel of Tales of Rachel.