no opiates and no nsaids = no computer time (sorta, kinda, mosta)

I promise this will be short! I know my blog entries tend to run on!

As I blogged in backing away from pain one key stroke at a time, my current computer set-up leads to increased pain levels. And, as I blogged in antihistamine: no more nsaids, etc., I want to try a low histamine diet which includes avoiding certain medications as well as foods.

I haven’t been able to successfully do both; in other words, if I use the computer, I need to take pain meds. If I take pain meds, I can’t be completely following the low histamine diet. A conundrum, a oxymoron, a paradoxical situation?

I let stress and depression get the better of me, and went on a three-day eating binge that involved a lot of chocolate and sugar. I’m still recovering from that physically and emotionally. I have been a binge eater since the 1970s, but until last year, had that pretty much under control. I hate feeling “out of control” especially since issues I can control issues like my chronic pain or depression just so much. A lot is chemistry, heredity, lack of luck, physical mechanics, etc.

So, in order to enact a bit of control on the chaos that is my inner and outer life right now, I have purchased some natural products to supplement my repertoire of non-nsaid, non-voltaren gel, neuragen regime as I am going to try to do the low histamine diet again.  In order to keep my use of pain meds to the minimum, I will be abandoning the cyberverse for awhile. I can’t seem to just dip my toes in; once I open the portal, I rush through will all my fingers clapping, all my mouse-muscles scrolling and start the cascade of pain again. I need to check email for various reasons, but will try to limit my time to that. If you find me commenting on blogs or facebook, tell me to take a deep breath, and step away from the machine (trying if off first, of course), LOL

Since today is Fibro and ME awareness day, it would seem like a logical day to start an elimination diet – to have a anniversary date should the diet prove successful. And, as a motion to treat my health issues with the same respect I treat others’ health issues.

But before I go, I will draw your attention to my previous post about fibro and me awareness day, and urge you to support those who are trying to the invisible visible through wearing purple or blue, launching balloons or fund-raising campaigns, blogging, talking the talk, and walking the walk.

I hope to report back with something of interest in terms of the low histamine diet; perhaps even some successful or encouraging news.

Wishing you the best of May 12, and beyond.