[you] can see clearly now: carryon Tuesday #158b

at the top of Moro Rock

among the butterflies

and highness

everything stretches out

uncurling, unfurling

the sky, the curvature of the earth

horizons and the cosmos

like a cat after a nap

sinuous, all muscle and fur

suspended between

the earth and sky

is dizzying, mind-bending

peak/ behind you

[you]can see clearly now

all that is before you

the mountains

streaked white and granite

cutting ragged gashes

into the blue

tops of trees spread green

defying gravity

some cling to the rockface

like climbers

strung with ropes and harnesses

but you prefer

the freefall

of flying

like the falcon, like the eagle

arms spread, legs straight

diving through space and time

you won’t hit bottom,

as the ground approaches

you swing up and high

to find your footing

between earth and sky

and the butterflies

fluttering up on moro rock


the undone 21

A beached canoe at sunset on Kejimkujik Lake, ...
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(This started with The Pioneer Woman, but I found it through Mama Kat and her weekly writing prompts. I borrowed it from tales of rachel

I am almost 55 years old and I have never done the following:

  1. visited any theme park or Disney venue
  2. taken a ride in a hot air balloon
  3. flown in a glider
  4. had a driver’s license (only a beginner’s permit)
  5. lived in Maine
  6. pierced anything except my earlobes (twice)
  7. bought a microwave oven for myself
  8. owned a smart phone
  9. played a musical instrument well (except for the kazoo)
  10. had a church wedding
  11. watched any of the teen vampire tv shows and movies (or read the books)
  12. read a Harry Potter book
  13. been to a professional baseball or football game
  14. canoed/hiked/camped the backcountry of
    Kejimkujik national park (Nova Scotia)
  15. visited the Midwest, south, southwest or Florida
  16. won big on the lottery
  17. dyed my hair an outrageous colo(u)r (on purpose, lol)
  18. been arrested for any reason (fingers crossed that continues!)
  19. climbed Moro Rock (Sequoia National Park) to join the butterflies and hummingbirds
  20. eaten caviar (or want to!)
  21. been to a Broadway play

Determined to have my driver’s license by age 60; then take that trip to the states I’ve never been to, especially the southwest. After climbing Morrow Rock, I think I’ll be ready for the backcountry of keji. Before 60, I want to have those balloon and glider rides. Then, settle down in a nice quiet small town in Maine. As for #1, 11, 12, 18, and 20: I hope I never actually achieve those!