New Year’s Eve Flash Bash from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie 31.12.16


New Year’s Eve Flash Bash: Here’s what you’ll find if you visit Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, and check out my Flash Bash. A buffet table of 5 sorts of flash fiction to sample. Why not stop by and join the party – it will go past midnight to be sure.

Welcome to a New Year’s Eve Flash Bash. Tonight, I’m offering up a buffet table of flash fiction for you to sample from. I hope there is one that piques your interest.


Flash One: In 25 words or less: Using one of the photos provided, write a story in 25 words or less. Beginning, middle and end.


Or Flash Two: Tweet-tweet: Using one of the photos provided, write a tale of no more than 142 characters (thanks to Kat of like mercury colliding and her Twittering Tales for inspiration). Use this handy character counter when composing.


Or Flash Three: Selfies from the Edge: Take a selfie, post it and a piece of flash fiction (100 to 150 words) based on your picture. Include the selfie in your post.


Or Flash Four: Traditional Fare: Using one of the photos provided, write a story of 100 to 150 words. (Thanks to Priceless Joy of FFfAW, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Friday Fictioneers, and Al of Sunday Photo Fiction for inspiration)


Or Flash Five: Pot Luck: Choose a photo (yours or someone else’s – give accreditation) and write a piece of flash fiction 75 to 200 words based on the photo.


You’ll be able to link up to the prompt page and click on a Mr. Linky connection.


Since this is my party, my rules, you can submit your flash bash entries after midnight. And, one more champagne-induced indulgence: 75 to 200 words will work fine tonight – I’ll be counting down not up!


The idea is to have fun with a few different forms of flash – only a sampling of the many that are out there in the creative blogosphere.


Wishing you a bright, brilliant and flash{y} 2017. Let’s write together.

All photos: (c) Lorraine (click on some imagines for larger versions)



meep meep meep me mo!

beaker as bob dylan

Meep me me meep meep me me me meep mo mo, or wishing you all the best for 2016.

Beaker and I go way back – to his first appearances on the Muppet Show, mid-1970s. I cheered him on, knowing that his head was in science, but his heart was in acting.

We’ve lost touch over the years – it happens, I guess, even to the best of buds. Fame didn’t go to Beekie’s head; he remains humble, self-conscious, kind, and giving. We just don’t hang like we used to. No more late-night pizzas in Muppet Labs. No more Ed Wood movie marathons. No more beer and wings at a sports bar.

His return to television has him back in the spot light. Good for him. But, my heart remains broken – I can’t watch. Too many fond memories of days past. And isn’t that what new year’s eve remembories are. Images from our past. Ghosts that haunt or delight us.

I don’t follow tv much, so I don’t know how Beekie’s doing. I’m sure he’s giving his fine, Shakespearean-trained performances in his elegant, delicious voice. I want to share some videos from the old days – when Beaker and I hung on Friday’s @ Fridays. I decided to highlight Beaker’s musical and vocal talents. Unfortunately, just can’t find that old VHS with him crooning “Auld Lange Syne.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver  #46: Creature Feature New Year

The Ballad of Beaker

Ode to Joy


Ghost Hunters (Muppet Mobile Labs)