my “excellent adventure:” doing the wash on coke

Thought that title would get your attention, but before you get any ideas, or call the cops; I’m referring to my “trip” on a can of coco cola that no longer contains cocaine; hence the name for the drug and the drink?

I don’t usually drink soda pop (soda in the US; pop in Canada). When I spent summers at my grandmother’s house in Nova Scotia, I got to drink the old-style Sussex Golden Ginger Ale. A deep amber colo(u)r like tiger’s eye stones, bubbles that tickled my nose. And the taste: deep, gingery, rich and very strong. Made me feel like I was drinking a very special “elixir;” the nectar of the ginger ale gods.

Another summer treat was lime-rickey: a gorgeous green the shade of emeralds; sweet and sour with the taste of real limes and sugar. No artificial flav(o)rs or colo(u)rs. Truly “gems” of the pop world.

Since then, the occasional Mountain Dew. I remember ads featuring a cartoon “stereotypical hillbilly” playing a strange instrument (a jug, a stick of wood with some strings) The background music was a twangy banjo, while the character sang/hollered “Gotta get some of that good, old Mountain Dew. The name of the drink drawn out like the strings on his homemade musical instrument or the background banjo pickin’.

Fast forward: I was nodding off at the laundromat (still no washer at home these days) and the wash cycle had just begun. So, I got a can of Coke out of the vending machine. Always liked the taste of Coke better – even if I never did a blind taste test – than Pepsi or Royal Crown cola. Ice cold, sugary, caffeinated; made me full of zip and energy (perhaps the way you feel on Amp or Red Bull; never tried a real energy drink).

I felt like I was stoned (don’t ask, won’t tell), watching clothes churn and spin. Humming away to myself as I loaded the dryers. Must have been first swig of coke (or any pop) in at least 6 years; coffee and water are my usuals. Even a frappuccino or a café American with extra shots of espresso don’t pack that kind of punch with me!

Needless to say, it was an interesting adventure at the laundromat that afternoon; should go again tomorrow – is it because I’m running out of clothes, or the lure of another can of ice cold coke?

PS: I am receiving no compensation for this blatant ad for coke and Starbucks. Caution: drink at your own risk, lol!