ChronicBabe Blog Carnival #10: How do you deal with the medical establishment?

It’s out: ChronicBabe Blog Carnival #10: How do you deal with the medical establishment?

As stated:

For those of us with chronic illness, dealing with the medical establishment—whether it’s doctors and nurses, or billing specialists and health insurance reps—can be a big pain in the tush. Other times, we find ourselves in positive interactions and great relationships. It’s ChronicBabe Blog Carnival #10: Here’s what 15 of our fave bloggers (and one doctor!) had to say about their dealings with the medical establishment. From rants to eye-opening tips and even a wish list, we let you know what Chronic Babes are doing to cope with doctors and the rest of the medical profession. Read on…

The contributions are awesome! Thanks to Jenni and the folks at ChronicBabe for putting together yet another fantastic blog carnival.

my chemical romance

PS: I’m included in the 15 bloggers (blush, blush) and feel very hono(u)red to be in such company!


one of my least favo(u)rite things: a photo essay with running commentary

I may have mentioned the carpet in my mother’s house in previous blogs (too lazy to go back and check) but after vacuuming it this morning, I decided it is currently my least favo(u)rite thing.

It came with the house; thankfully my parents replaced it in the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. Underneath is plywood; not some gorgeous hardwood floor. If I had the money, I would rip it up and replace it with laminate flooring.

I’ve alwaysDSCN0856 called it “whore house red” and am convinced it was left over from a reno of a brothel. A friend maintains it was supposed to have adorned the floors of a funeral parlo(u)r: you can decide for yourself.

After almost 20 years (of my parents’ ownership: know the carpet goes back to the original owners), it has only worn slightly in high traffic spots. This rug would survive the nuclear holocaust (along with the cockroaches who don’t reside here yet, I should add) .





Vacuuming it was always a royal pain: the carpet attracts dirt (a disturbing photo of that to follow), and this was, one winter visit ago, the only half-decent vacuum available (I didn’t photo the other rejects down in the basement).



Note the duct tape: there always was a roll of duct tape in the house even before Red Green made it famous. witandwisdomtourposter

I bought a bright red, light weight, whip around the upstairs, maybe mom could even use it vacuum. DSCN0853Mom never used it, but I sure did. Poor thing probably needs a new filter basket. The next pictures are not for the weak of heart or stomach. And yes, dust mites were harmed in the making of these pictures.

DSCN0845 DSCN0858 So the red carpet remains one of my least favo(u)rite things. Oh, to win the lottery and be able to have a “laying laminate floor” party.