ChronicBabe Blog Carnival #10: How do you deal with the medical establishment?

It’s out: ChronicBabe Blog Carnival #10: How do you deal with the medical establishment?

As stated:

For those of us with chronic illness, dealing with the medical establishment—whether it’s doctors and nurses, or billing specialists and health insurance reps—can be a big pain in the tush. Other times, we find ourselves in positive interactions and great relationships. It’s ChronicBabe Blog Carnival #10: Here’s what 15 of our fave bloggers (and one doctor!) had to say about their dealings with the medical establishment. From rants to eye-opening tips and even a wish list, we let you know what Chronic Babes are doing to cope with doctors and the rest of the medical profession. Read on…

The contributions are awesome! Thanks to Jenni and the folks at ChronicBabe for putting together yet another fantastic blog carnival.

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PS: I’m included in the 15 bloggers (blush, blush) and feel very hono(u)red to be in such company!