room 2: cornflower blue

image: Yves

We have been invited by Mindlovemisery of Mindlovemisery Menagerie to write a 9 part series on rooms in NoEnd House, a place in her dreams. She will post a photograph or a word as a clue/cue to use as the floor plan of the room of the week. This is my 2nd installment: room 2 cornflower blue

We sat in the “eating” room adjacent to the kitchen, drooling from the smell of freshly baked bread. We also played a guessing game: what will Kat paint on the  canvas of the bathroom walls. Everyone had their own vision: portraits of us and the ghosts that haunted each room; 18th century streetscape, images representing our commonality.

Until the grand unveiling, we used the grunge-fest room off the kitchen. No amount of scrubbing could transmute the stains. I should know; I always drew bathroom duty!

Kat called from the landing, “Still wet, but finished” Thunder of feet. Gasps of …… She had recreated a mirror world surrounding the house. The east facing wall had the first orange and yellow fingers of dawn. The window became a lens for watching birds shake off the night. The bright riot of wildflowers and the tidy garden grew, bracketed by tall shady oaks and maples. Views of the harbour floated above the toilet. The street scape engulfed the last wall. We were waving from the windows of the cornflower blue façade we painted in the spring.

@ phylor, 2015


Do you remember

that summer solstice

when we sat arm in

watching the last purple


I have an affinity for

equinoxes and solstices.

Due to my pagan nature

bemoans a friend.

I crafted beautiful

celebrate the solstice cards

made with calligraphy

in a semi-circle like the

setting (or rising) sun

When I held to these

as the four touchstones

of the year, life

was sweeter.

Least complex.

Less painful.

We’re not arm in arm

as we watch the last purple

rays glide below the horizon.

When were we last

arm in arm?